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11 Must-have Accessories for your New Camera

by: SRB Photographic | october 2017
11 Must-have Accessories for your New Camera
You’ve got your shiny new camera and now it’s time to accessorise! With so much equipment and accessories available today, it could become overwhelming. But that’s where our accessories guide comes in.
We’ve picked our top 10 must-have accessories (with a bonus extra one) to make things a little easier for you. Not only will you find essential and helpful accessories, but you’ll find them all at a great price!
1. A Tripod
The art of stability and perfect angles while shooting can be solely down to the tripod. An integral part of landscape photography, a stable set of legs is an essential item to any photography bag.

Things to look for when purchasing a tripod: Weight, size and loading weight; making The On-it Carbon Fibre Tripods a fantastic option. Available in a variety of sizes and colours, with a handful of great accessories to match.
2. Protective UV Filter
Still extremely useful tools in the photography market are circular filters. To simply screw a filter into the camera lens’ filter thread and create spectacular effects. But, like the UV filter, they can also be used for lens protection.

Not only does it absorb ultra violet rays that cause haziness to an image, but a clear UV filter is ideal for protecting your lens from breaks and scratches and saving you a large and unfortunate repair bill.

Check out our full range of UV filters in a variety of sizes.
3. Lee Filters Foundation Kit
Now it’s time to start getting creative with your imagery, and what better way than with square filters. But first, you’ll need to find a square filter holder. This is where the Lee Filters 100mm Foundation Kit comes in.

With the ability to use high quality square filters, such as Neutral Density filters and Polarisers, the Lee Foundation Kit is a very popular choice in the photography community when it comes to a square filter system.

Although slightly larger in size, and in price, than the smaller A size and P size square filter holders, the Lee Foundation Kit has been built with full frame cameras in mind.
4. Camera Strap
Whether they are used to loosen the load of your heavy DSLR or to give you piece of mind knowing your camera is attached to something other than yourself, a camera strap is useful in every scenario.

Some are built for comfort, some are for fashion, and some are built purely to take the extra weight. Ranging from the classic around-the-neck strap to a secure wrist strap, they come in a variety of different uses and sizes.
5. Memory Card Case
There’s nothing more important than backing up your photos! With the new age of Cloud technology, that has never been easier. But no matter if your camera supports a wi-fi/cloud backup option, a memory card is an integral part of your camera set up.

If you’re becoming a bit of a shutterbug, you may now have more than one memory card to your name. So you chuck your cards into your camera bag, knowing that next time you’re in for an exciting game of “angrily riffle through my camera bag to find the right card”. That’s where a Memory Card Case comes in handy.

Our extensive range of waterproof Memory Card Cases feature many storing options for your SD, Compact Flash Cards, Micro SD, XC Picture Cards, and many more!
6. Rainsleeve
You’ve found the perfect shot with the perfect lighting, so you set up your tripod and place your new camera on top at exactly the right angle. Stepping back to examine the shot before pressing the shutter, you notice a drop of rain and some dark clouds. *sigh*

You might not know this, but the English weather can be slightly unpredictable. And it is this unpredictability that makes a rainsleeve one of the most important items in your camera bag.
7. Cleaning Kit
It’s important to keep your gear clean, whether it be your lens, filters or sensor. So having a cleaning kit on you at all times in highly advisable.

A powerful Blower is great for blowing off dirt and grit from all forms of equipment before being wiped off with a soft cleaning cloth.
8. Camera Body Cap
With an ever-growing item list of camera caps and hoods, it’s hard to understand what is really needed. Although a case can be made for all caps and hoods, there is none more important than a Camera Body Cap.

The main purpose of a camera body cap is to protect your camera’s sensor and interior from dust and damage when a lens is not in place. This could be when you’re changing lenses on shoot or when you’re loading your camera into your bag without a lens. They’re cheap and handy to have!

Check out our full range of Camera Body Caps in a variety of camera types.
9. Polariser Filter
For so-long a Polariser filter has been a fantastic tool to have in your camera bag. Not only does a polariser naturally saturate colours and deepen a brilliantly looking blue sky, but it also removes that unwanted glare and reflection from such objects as glass and water.

Available in both circular and square filter formats, the right polariser will perform to it’s very best capabilities and help you produce some incredible images – particularly with a landscape that is being drowned out by harsh lighting.

Check out our full range of Circular Polariser Filters in a variety of sizes.
10. An ND Filter Set
We’ve touched a lot on the creative effects of camera filters, which is why we are recommending a Neutral Density Square Filter Set. Available in three types of ND grad (Hard, Soft and Full) and three types of ND density (0.3, 0.6 and 0.9).

The purpose of an ND filter is to reduce the amount of light reaching the camera lens by a certain density stop, meaning the camera can perform with a higher aperture to produce a result far closer to how it appears to the eye. Where as an ND Grad filter reduces light entering a specific part of the lens instead of the whole frame – great for landscape photography.

Top Tip: An ND Hard Grad filter can be positioned in a frame that consists of a dark and shadowed foreground with a bright background, such as a sunset. Instead of losing all that detail in the image, the ND Grad can be positioned to capture the whole frame as it appears.

Check out our SRB Full ND FIlter Set.
Bonus: SRB Elite Filter Holder
There’s just one more thing to mention; The Elite Filter Holder. Simply attach the holder to an Elite adaptor ring, screw it onto your lens’ filter thread and start exploring a great selection of P Size filters.

It’s an aluminium square filter holder that includes many great and easy-to-use features, including it’s own centre thread, that eliminates any light-seeping when using the Elite long exposure filter range (Elite ND1000 & Elite 6-stop), and a rotating mechanism for when using the Elite Polariser.

It’s highly rated by f2Cameracraft magazine and Professional Image Maker, and features everything you need from a square filter and more! All at a great price.