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A Complete Guide to 3 Legged Thing

by: srb photographic | april 2018
A Complete Guide to 3 Legged Thing
3 Legged Thing; a British company that has taken the tripod world by storm one colourful innovation at a time. Operating out of a chicken shed in Stagsden, Bedfordshire, founder Danny Lenihan explains his mission: “To innovate, inspire and be the best that we can be”.

With their colourful designs and cool names, 3 Legged Thing are certainly innovating the tripod & accessories market. Below, we take a look at these great products available to you at our online store.
3 Legged Thing Punks Tripods
3-Legged-Thing-Travis-Tripod - blog
“Punks are our entry-level professional tripod systems, with many of the features of our professional range.” – 3 Legged Thing.

Described as an “a breakthrough in entry level tripods”, the Punks aluminium tripod range includes two revolutionary “aircraft-grade magnesium alloy” tripods; Corey and Travis.

The 3 Legged Thing Corey Tripod, named “a world-class micro-traveler”, is 3 Legged Thing’s entry-level travel tripod. Designed with travel-photographers in mind, features include a detachable monopod segment, a unique bubble-grip system for better leverage and detachable rubber feet. These feet can be replaced with other foot accessories for maximum stability.

Corey also boasts a 14kg maximum load weight (9 times it’s own weight!) and can fold down to a tiny 34cm, making this the ultimate travel tripod.

Sitting alongside Corey in the Punks tripod range is the 3 Legged Thing Travis Tripod, dubbed “the most advanced entry-level all-round tripod system on the planet”.

Travis is designed with some of the same great features, including the detachable monopod segment and the unique bubble-grip system. And, although not a travel tripod, Travis can shrink down to a very manageable 45cm! Making for easy storage when on the road.
3 Legged Thing QR11 L Brackets
“The world’s most innovative universal L-Bracket” – 3 Legged Thing.

3 Legged Thing’s QR11 L Brackets, labelled the “new evolution of universal L bracket[s]”, are designed to fit most modern cameras and offer effortless workflow between portrait and landscape.

Available in two colours, Copper and Metallic Grey, both QR11 brackets feature a 110mm working base, a solid side bracket with cable access and a 1/4”-20 accessory mount.

A handy camera compatibility list for the 3 Legged Thing QR11 L Brackets can be found here.
3 Legged Thing Hardware
3-Legged-Thing-hardware - blog
The 3 Legged Thing accessories span from an impressive selection of additional tripod parts to a multi-function Toolz accessory (yes, it does include a bottle opener!), and it doesn’t stop there. Included in the accessories is a section called Hardware, that features the QR4 Release Plate and 360 Pano Tripod Clamp.

The QR4 Release Plate is a 38mm Arca-Swiss compatible square release plate that features security screws, ideal for peace of mind and safer use, and corner holes for Peak Design Anchors. As well as an impressive base grip in the shape of the 3 Legged Thing logo.

The 360 Pano Tripod Clamp offers a panoramic base, a standard Arca Swiss mount, security recesses and an inset spirit level. It has been cleverly designed to fit most ball heads, allowing for endless creativity and fun when being used on top of either a tripod or monopod.