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Elite Nano Filter Holder
Elite Nano Filter Holder
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The Elite Nano Filter Holder is our very own lightweight aluminium square filter holder designed to accommodate 67mm (A size) square filters.
Brand: SRB Photographic  Code: ELITENANO
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The Elite Nano Filter Holder is our very own lightweight aluminium square filter holder designed to accommodate 67mm (A size) square filters.


• Easy-release clip system for attaching and detaching Elite Nano Adaptor Rings
• Use up to two 67mm (A size) filters at one time
• Lightweight aluminium body

Beautifully crafted from a single piece of high grade aluminium material, the Elite Nano Filter Holder has then been given an eye-catching matte black anodised coating.

To attach the Elite Nano Holder to your camera lens you'll need the correct sized Elite Nano Adaptor Ring (sold separately). Once the adaptor ring is screwed-in to the lens thread, use the clip mechanism to slot in the holder.

The clip mechanism has been designed to allow for easy attaching and removing of the holder from the camera lens.

The Elite Nano holder can take up to two 67mm (A size) square filters at any one time. To use the filters, simply slide them into any one of the two filter slots at the side of the holder.
lens compatibility

The Elite Nano Holder is designed to fit standard lenses, although may still be compatible with some wide-angle lenses depending on lens diameter. The holder will work down to a minimum focal length of 14mm until vignetting appears, although working focal lengths may vary depending on the optical design of the lens.
filter compatibility

Each of our Elite holders have been specifically designed to accommodate our own brand of SRB square filters, which have a standard depth measurement ranging between 2-2.3mm. This means each SRB branded square filter will fit snug in the filter blades of each Elite holder. Non-branded square filters may have a different depth measurement and may not fit tightly into the holder. Please consider this when ordering.

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Aluminium, Brass, Plastic
Filter Compatibility
67mm (A Size)
No. of filter slots
Filter Holder
Product Code
SRB Photographic
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