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Elite Filter Holder | SRB Photographic
Elite Filter Holder | SRB Photographic
Elite Filter Holder | SRB Photographic
Elite Filter Holder | SRB Photographic
Elite Filter Holder | SRB Photographic

Product Description

Elite Filter Holder

The SRB Elite Filter Holder is our very own aluminium-engineered square filter holder designed for the 84mm P Size square filter range.

More than just a holder

Our Elite Filter Holder has been beautifully crafted from three separate pieces of high grade aluminium material that have been carefully connected together and finished off with a black anodised coating.

Eliminate light seepage

The Elite Holder's centre thread allows the use of specifically designed Elite Filters and eliminates all forms of light seepage.

polarise with ease

The Rotating mechanisms allow you to easily rotate the Elite Polariser and achieve different levels of polarisation.

add two square filters

Add up to two 84mm P Size Square Filters even when using an Elite Filter.

how to use the elite filter holder

To show you just how easy the Elite Filter Holder is to use, we've put together some video tutorials below.

attaching the holder

To attach the Elite Holder to a camera lens you'll need an Elite Adaptor Ring (sold separately). Once the adaptor ring has been screwed into the lens thread, use the golden clip to slot it onto the adaptor ring.

using elite filters

Specifically designed for the Elite Filter Holder, the Elite Filters screw into the centre thread of the holder. The Elite Filters can be easily attached, removed and rotated.

insert filters

Slide up to two 84mm P Size square filters into the holder's filter slots. The Elite Holder's grad lines can also be a helpful edition when aligning graduated filters.

lens compatibility

The Elite Holder is designed to fit standard lenses, although may still be compatible with some wide-angle lenses depending on lens diameter. The holder will work down to a focal length of 22mm until vignetting appears, although working focal lengths may vary depending on the optical design of the lens. If using an Elite filter, a  higher focal length may be required depending on the optical design of the lens.

filter compatibility

Each of our Elite holders have been specifically designed to accommodate our own brand of SRB square filters, which have a standard depth measurement ranging between 2-2.3mm. This means each SRB branded square filter will fit snug in the filter blades of each Elite holder. Non-branded square filters may have a different depth measurement and may not fit tightly into the holder. Please consider this when ordering. Not sure what filter holder you need? Compare our square filter systems »

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Aluminium, Brass, Plastic
Filter Compatibility
84mm (P size)
No. of filter slots
Filter Holder
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SRB Photographic
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Elite P Size Filter Holder

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The Elite Filter Holder is our very own brilliantly engineered square filter holder designed to accommodate 84mm wide square filters and the Elite filter range.