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Blog / Finding the Best Tripod for you

Finding the Best Tripod for you

by: srb photographic | september 2018
Finding the Best Tripod for you
Whether you’re purchasing your very first tripod or looking to upgrade, we’re here to help! We’ve handpicked 7 of the very best tripods based on features, practicality, usability and more.
What to Look for in a Tripod
Finding the Best Tripod for you
Working Heights
A tripod’s working height is always key when it comes to choosing the right tripod. You might need a tripod with a greater height extension to capture a vast landscape. Or you might need to work at the lowest possible height for macro photography. To get really low shots with a tripod, you’ll want to look out for one with reversing centre column capabilities.

Maximum Load Capacity
A sturdy tripod will let you hold as much weight as necessary. But when it comes to a large camera and lens combination, it’s always worth checking the maximum load.
A sturdy tripod will let you hold as much weight as necessary
Overall Weight
This can depend on the Tripod’s material, with Carbon Fibre being much lighter than it’s Aluminium counterpart. But, there are many other factors to take into consideration when looking at the overall weight. Will you constantly be travelling with your tripod? If so, you may lean towards a lighter frame. If you’re a landscape photographer shooting in windy conditions, a heavier tripod may be better.

The Head
It’s important that you have a head that suits your photography needs. This includes the features, capabilities and the connection types. Although tripod heads can purchased separately, it’s always good to have the one you want already attached.
7 handpicked tripods
We’ve selected 7 tripods with the very best features and capabilities just for you, featuring a mix of our own tripods and some from UK based 3 Legged Thing.

Professional Tripods at a Great Price (Under £130)
Professional Tripods at a Great Price
3 Legged Thing PUNKS Patti with AirHed Mini Ballhead – The Patti Tripod is the latest release in the 3 Legged Thing Punks range and it sits nicely in the gap of high-end professional tripods at an affordable cost. Available from mid-September for just £99, we’re sure this is going to be a popular choice for all types of photography!

SRB 25mm On-It Carbon Fibre – Available in 3 different colours, our very own On-It tripod range includes many great features wanted from a professional carbon fibre tripod at a very reasonable price. For just £119.95 you’ll get a tripod with a removable centre-column, a detachable monopod segment, a balance plate, a handy carrying case and more!
SRB Travel Tripod – Our Travel Tripod is as basic and as brilliant as they come. Made from sturdy aluminium and featuring a standard pan-head and handle with a 1/4″ attachment, this simply does the job. At just £9.99 (yes, £9.99!) and weighing only 330g, it’s ideal for the budget-conscious photographer who’s always on the move.

High-end Professional Tripods (Over £130)
High-end Professional Tripods
3 Legged Thing Eclipse Leo with AirHed Switch Ballhead – Winner of Best Tripod 2017 at the Lucie Technical Awards, Leo from 3 Legged Thing’s Professional range is a tripod that has it all. At £299 it’s ultra compact, features a monopod segment, and has an impressive maximum load of 30KG. And that’s just to name a few features!

3 Legged Thing PUNKS Travis with Airhed Neo Ballhead – Travis has been dubbed the ultimate every day use tripod. It costs just £149.99, has an overall weight of only 1.6KG, a load capacity of 18KG and features a detachable monopod segment. It’s best feature is it’s ability to fold down to 45cm, making it a great travel companion.

3 Legged Thing PUNKS Corey with Airhed Neo Ballhead – 3 Legged Thing’s Corey is the ultimate tripod designed for travelling. It folds down to a tiny 34cm, has a 5-section leg system, a detachable monopod, and a load capacity of 14KG. It’s sturdy aluminium frame puts the total weight at just 1.5KG (0.1KG lighter than Travis) and costs just £169.99.