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JJC Sony E-Mount Auto Extension Tube Set


The Sony E-Mount Auto Extension Tube Set enables a lens to focus closer than its normal set minimum focusing distance.

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JJC Sony E-Mount Auto Extension Tube Set

The Sony E-Mount Auto Extension Tube Set consists of two different sized extension tubes that fit a Sony E-Mount camera.

An extension tube is a spacer that sits between your lens and the camera body to alter the MFD (Minimum focus distance). The MFD of a lens is a measurement of the closest point a subject can be from the camera’s sensor, whilst still being able to focus. If a subject is closer to the sensor than a lens’ MFD, you cannot focus on that subject.

The more extension tubes used on a lens, the higher the lens magnification becomes as you’re able to move the lens much closer to the subject and still achieve focus. This means that any lens can be used to achieve macro-like photos.


  • Fits between the camera and lens to give a greater magnification
  • This set allows for up to three different extensions
  • Designed with the correct mechanical coupling to maintain auto exposure

These Auto Extension Tubes are mounted between the Sony E-Mount camera body and the camera lens.

This set is supplied with three different sizes, 10mm and16mm that give a total of up to three different extensions. The longer the extension, the greater the magnification.

These Sony E-Mount Extension tubes are designed with all the circuitry and mechanical coupling to maintain the camera's TTL auto exposure.

It is recommend that you shoot with your lens in Manual focuses mode when using the Auto Extension Tubes to achieve clearer and much better results. Please note that auto focus may not be available depending on the amount of light entering the camera at the time.  

This extension tube is plastic constructed and is protected with front and rear caps.

Product Specifications

Plastic & Aluminium
10mm Auto Extension Tube
16mm Auto Extension Tube
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