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Latest Nikon Teaser Ahead of Mirrorless Launch

by: srb photographic | august 2018
Latest Nikon Teaser Ahead of Mirrorless Launch
Ahead of the much anticipated unveiling, Nikon have released the fifth instalment to their mirrorless camera range series.
The latest teaser, titled “Photographers”, is a 50-second long video showing off Nikon’s new full-frame mirrorless camera system in action.

In the background, the photographer’s give their impressions of the camera:

“Having a camera I can take anywhere with me is great, because the more pictures you take the greater it is for a creative” says photographer Vivien Liu.

Dutch photographer Marsel Van Oosten says “It feels just like a DSLR, but physically it’s totally different because it’s so lightweight”. Adding, “It’s really great, I can still use all my F-mount lenses on this new camera”.

Nikon will complete it’s restructuring process this year, which has seen falling sales turn in to increasing profits thanks to the release of the full-frame D850 DSLR. The decision to focus on high-end cameras has proven a winner so far, with the up-coming full-frame mirrorless camera sure to have an impact on both the company and the photography industry.
What Nikon Have Told us so Far
Although five out of the scheduled six teaser trailers have been revealed, there is still very little known about the up-coming release. However, thanks to Nikon, there are a few things we do know for certain.

In the teaser titled “Mount”, we catch a glimpse of the camera’s lens mount. Although being a completely new design, the mount will also be compatible with Nikkor F-mounts via an adaptor.

Nikon also confirmed the launch of new lenses and stated they will have two “industry-leading camera systems to choose from”. Meaning Nikon’s DSLR range is here to stay and will run side-by-side with the new mirrorless system.

Apart from a few clues, the design and capabilities of the new full-frame camera are very much unknown.
When is the Official Unveiling?
Nikon’s official announcement will be in Tokyo on 23rd August 2018, at 1pm JST (4am GMT). You can watch the live unveiling at the Nikon website.