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Lee Filters 100mm System

The Lee Filters 100mm filter system is by far the most popular filter system designed by the UK-based manufacturers. The 100mm Lee filter system has long been the go-to choice for photographers for both beginners starting out in photography and professionals looking to break boundaries with their high-end camera systems. From the popular 100mm foundation kit holder to the new Lee100 filter system and holder, the 100mm Lee filter system consists of filter kits, camera lens filters, accessories, and more. Unlike the Lee Filters Seven5 and SW150 ranges, the Lee100 filter system is aimed at photographers with DSLRs and full-framed sensor cameras.

Lee 100mm Filter System FAQs

What is the Lee100 Filter System?

The Lee100 filter system is a camera system designed for using 100mm photography accessories on DSLR and full-frame sensor cameras. Typical accessories include 100mm-wide camera lens filters, lens hoods, and circular polarizer filters (CPLs). Traditionally, the Lee filter system consisted of the 100mm Foundation Kit. But this has been replaced with the new Lee100 Filter Holder, which is still compatible with the entire range of 100mm accessories.

How Does the Lee Filters 100mm Filter System work?

The Lee100 filter system offers a simple setup for photographers and is easy to operate. It works by using a 100mm adaptor ring (standard or wide-angle depending on the camera) that screws into a camera lens' thread and allows for the 100mm holder to be attached. Once the holder is attached, accessories such as camera lens filters and lens hoods can then be used to create stunning photography and videography effects.

What camera is best for the 100mm Lee filter system?

Ideally, the Lee Filters 100mm filter system has been designed for DSLR cameras that feature a 35mm full-frame sensor. Any other cameras or sensors that are used with this filter system, such as APS-C or Four Thirds, risk the chance of vignetting and picture distortion. For more information about the cameras that can be used with this filter system, check out the Lee Filter system match tool.