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Lee Filters are a UK-based company who have been providing precision products for photographers, cinematographers, and lighting designers since 1967. Part of the Panavision group, Lee Filters specialises in the distribution of quality photographic equipment. Popular photographic items associated with Lee Filters include the 100mm Foundation Kit (later replaced by the Lee100 holder) and the range of long exposure filters, including the 100mm Big Stopper filter. Lee Filters are renowned for supplying photographers with quality camera filters, which are best suited for landscape and outdoor photography. They have various sizes of camera accessories available for all camera types, including the Lee100 filter system, the Seven5 system, the Lee85 system, and the SW150 system.

Lee Filters FAQs

Which Lee Filters System Fits Your Camera and Lens?

The wide range of size options that are offered by Lee Filters allows the vast majority of cameras and lenses to use Lee Filters accessories. Their range of filter systems have been designed for DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, interchangeable lens compact cameras, and medium format cameras. With each system consisting of different sized lens adaptor rings, a filter holder, and a range of filters, it’s important to know which lee system matches your requirements.

What is the Lee100 Filter System?

Released in 2019, the Lee100 filter system features a lightweight Lee100 filter holder that focuses on the swift and rapid mounting of 100mm filters and accessories. The Lee100 holder replaces the popular 100mm Foundation Kit and is designed to fit most DSLR and mirrorless cameras. By enabling the use of upto 3 x 100mm filters and a polariser filter at the same time, it is the ultimate creative tool for any photographer.

What is the Lee85/Seven5 Filter System?

The Lee85 filter system (previously the Lee Seven5 system) is designed with smaller cameras in mind. Typically aimed at interchangeable lens compact cameras, the Lee85 and Seven5 systems are perfect for street photography and for photographers who prefer to travel light without compromising on filter quality.

What is the SW150 Filter System?

The SW150 filter system enables the use of Lee’s filters and accessories on ultra-wide angle lenses without the concern of vignetting issues. The design of the SW150 system is so precise that each lens has its own carefully constructed lens adaptor, including a Nikon Nikkor 14-24mm adaptor and a Canon EF 11-24mm lens adaptor. Once a lens adapter has been attached, the SW150 filter holder enables photographers to take advantage of the vast range of 150mm filters.

What Type of Filters Do Lee Filters Produce?

Included among the various types and sizes of filter systems, Lee Filters specializes in the production of different filters. Each filter type has its own distinct effect for capturing the right scene at the right moment.

Standard Neutral Density (ND) Filters

The Lee Filters range of ND filters is vast and consists of three different types; full ND filters, graduated ND filters, and ProGlass IRND filters. A neutral density filter is used to balance the exposure within a scene, which is typically between the bright sky and darker land in landscape photography. Lee’s ND standard filters are made from resin, whereas the range of ProGlass IRND filters are made from high-quality glass to give a remarkably neutral effect with no colour shift.

Graduated Neutral Density (ND) Filters

Similar to the standard ND filters, Lee’s graduated ND filters are designed to bring balance to a contrasting scene. But, instead of altering the entire scene, a graduated neutral density filter is designed to control the light entering a specific part of the lens. Both Lee’s graduated and reverse graduated ND filters are ideal for sunrises and sunsets.

Lee Filter Polariser Filters

The range of Lee Filter polarisers are designed to be rotated when attached to a filter holder in order to manage light at wavelength scale. By rotating the glass polarisers, photographers can block the waves of light to reduce glare and reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as glass and water. As well as saturating colours in a scene, like the Lee100 Polariser Filter.

Lee Filter Long Exposure Filters

The Lee Filters stopper range consists of three long exposure filters that vary in strength. They include the 6-stop Little Stopper, the 10-stop Big Stopper, and the 15-stop Super stopper. Each filter is designed to stop light entering a camera lens by a specific measurement to offer photographers multiple long exposure and creative options.

How Does a Lee Filters Filter System Work?

Like most square camera filter systems, Lee’s filter systems are straightforward and easy to use for professional and amatuer photographers. Each of Lee’s three filter systems (Lee100, Seven5/Lee85, and SW150) can be assembled and used in the same three steps:

  1. Screw-in or attach the right Lee Filters system adaptor ring to a camera lens
  2. Attach the corresponding system’s filter holder to the adaptor ring
  3. Begin using the system’s filters and accessories

What Is the Price of Lee Filters?

The price of Lee Filters will vary depending on the filter system. For instance, the Lee100 filter system starts at £20.00 for a lens adaptor and ranges to £344.95 for the Lee100 Long Exposure Kit. Whereas the Lee SW150 filter system starts at £64.95 for a screw-in adaptor ring and ranges to £249.00 for a SW150 ND Soft Grad Filter Set. Lee Filters Accessories start at £5.95 and go up to £249.95 for the Lee100 Hood.