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Lee Filters Lee100 System: What’s New?

by: srb photographic | march 2019
Lee Filters Lee100 System: What’s New?
This week saw the launch of the Lee Filters Lee100 Filter System, with the brand new Lee100 Filter Holder spearheading the launch event at the NEC’s The Photography Show.
Going straight to the forefront of the Lee Filters 100mm system, and replacing the Foundation Kit, the Lee100 Holder has many great new features.
The Lee100's Innovative Modular Design
The Lee100 Holder has many great new features
The lightweight modular design of the Lee100 Holder focuses on the swift and rapid mounting of filters and accessories from the Lee Filters 100mm range.

This new design allows for the easy removal and addition of filter blades, giving you the option to use up to 3 x 100mm square filters. As well as 3 filters, you can attach the Lee100 Polariser filter as well.
New design allows for the easy removal of filter blades
After extensive research into their 100mm filter system, Lee Filters released the new Lee100 Holder with the slogan; “designed by photographers for photographers”.
Control Pin Improves Functionality
One of the great new features of the Lee100 Filter Holder is the Control Pin.
New design allows for the easy removal of filter blades
This multi-function Control Pin gives the holder increased and easy functionality, with the ability to quickly mount the holder to a camera, rotate it, and lock it in place.
Lee100 Polariser
Alongside the new holder comes the release of the Lee100 Polariser filter. Similar in ability to the 105mm Landscape Polariser, the Lee100 Polariser will only fit the new Lee100 Holder.
Also released was the Lee100 Polariser filter
Owners of a 105mm Landscape Polariser, will need the Lee100 Polariser Ring to use with the Lee100 Holder.
Compatibility with accessories
The release of a new product will always raise concerns about its compatibility with previously purchased items, but fear not. Lee Filters have made it clear that the Lee100 Holder is fully compatible with all existing adaptor rings and filters. .

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