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Lee Filters SW150 System

The Lee Filters SW150 filter system has been specifically designed for photographers to use SW150 accessories on cameras with ultra-wide-angle lenses. Photographers have long understood the need for ultra-wide-angle lenses, particularly in landscape photography. And that's where the SW150 Mark II filter system excels. With the use of unique lens adaptors, 150mm-wide filters, and various other accessories, photographers can capture and create stunning landscape photography without worrying about vignetting or picture distortion. The Lee Filters SW150 filter system consists of specifically designed lens adaptors to fit ultra-wide-angle lenses, such as the Nikon 14-24mm adaptor, and the versatile SW150 Mark II holder.

Lee 100mm Filter System FAQs

What Is the Lee SW150 Filter System & How Does It Work?

The Lee Filters SW150 filter system is a square filter system designed specifically for large-format cameras that are used with ultra-wide-angle lenses. The SW150 filter system starts with the use of a lens adaptor, either measured to the dimensions of a camera's lens thread or uniquely designed for a specific camera lens. Photographers can then attach the SW150 Mark II holder along with other accessories such as ND filters and lens hoods.

What Camera Is Best for the SW150 Mark II Filter System?

Ideally, the SW150 filter system is perfect for use with medium and large-format cameras with ultra-wide-angle lenses. Although these types of cameras and lenses can be used with other set-ups such as the Lee100 filter system, the SW150 Mark II system completely eliminates the possibility of vignetting. Meaning photographers can create stunning landscape photography without having to worry about any form of picture distortion. For more information about the cameras that can be used with the SW150 filter system, check out the Lee Filter system match tool.