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Blog / Lens Adaptors: A Better Understanding

Lens Adaptors: A Better Understanding

by: srb photographic | march 2019
Lens Adaptors: A Better Understanding
Lens Adaptors are some of the most useful and cost-saving accessories in the photography industry. They come in all different shapes, sizes and types with a sole purpose of connected together a camera and a lens.
What is a Lens Adaptor?
The concept of a lens adaptor is a fairly simple one. One end of the adaptor attaches to a specific brand or type of lens, the other end connects to the lens mount of a different brand or type of camera. Thus connecting together two previously incompatible units – similar to the purpose of a Step Ring.
What is a Lens Adaptor
The Pros and Cons of Lens Adaptors
Lens Adaptors open up a whole new world of possibilities, including bridging between different camera formats. For example, if you’ve switched from a DSLR to an APS-C format camera you may be leaving behind a handful of incompatible lenses; that’s where a lens adaptor can be of use. There is one general rule of thumb, however, when using a lens adaptor to bridge camera formats; you should only ever change-down, using larger format lenses on smaller formats.
Camera adaptors can also be a hugely cost-efficient
Lens adaptors can also be a hugely cost-efficient investment. When the time comes to switch camera systems, you may find yourself having to build another collection of lenses – which can be expensive! But, with a lens adaptor, you could save yourself a few quid. Finding an older lens and a cheaper alternative to some of the brand new lenses is also beneficial for the bank account!

Of course, there are some minor issues to be aware of before jumping into the world of lens adaptors. For starters, using alternative lenses on some camera systems (Nikon cameras in particular) can cause a few issues. So it’s always handy to do your research. You’ll also loose all electrical connection with the lens, as no communication passes between the camera and the lens. This means AE Metering, Auto Focus, and other communication-depending features will have to be achieved manually.
Today's Lens Adaptors
You’ll find many brands and types of lens adaptors in today’s market, all with a wide-range of connectivity between different formats and brands of cameras. Some adaptors are designed for specialist film and TV cameras, like MTF. Whereas as others, like some Novoflex adaptors, come with integrated aperture rings to allow more exposure control. You can find our huge range of lens adaptors below.