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Loyalty Points Program

Place an order. Collect points. Save money.

We've put together a loyalty points program to make sure you get more from your order. The program is easy to use and to take advantage of. All you have to do is make an account with us when you place your first order. Then, for every order you place, you'll collect points. You can then turn them points into credit to put towards your next order. Here's how it works:

Step 1: Place an order

To start the process of the loyalty points program, you first need to place an order. Once you have completed an order, and signed up for an account with us, you can then start to save and collect points.

Step 2: Collect points

£1 = 1 point

For every £1 you spend on your order, you'll collect 1 loyalty point. For example, if you spend £35 on an order you'll collect 35 loyalty points. If you then place another £20 order, you'll have 55 points.

Step 3: Redeem

100 points = £1

Now comes the fun part; redeeming your points. Once you'll started to collect your points, you can then begin to redeem them on your next orders. For every 100 points you redeem, you'll save £1. For example, if you have 1000 points you can save £10 off your next order. And there's no minimum or maximum limit to how many points you can redeem at any one time.

Terms and Conditions

You can only redeem loyalty points if you have an account with us (accounts can be made at the checkout stage of your first order). There is no minimum or maximum loyalty points needed to start redeeming. Loyalty points are rewarded based on the spending of your total order excluding delivery. Loyalty points are only valid for 12 months after the original order, they will then expire after this time. Points can only be redeemed online and not by telephone. Loyalty points will only be rewarded once the order status is set to 'despatched' or 'complete'. Loyalty points will be discredited from your account if the order status is 'refunded', 'cancelled', 'declined', or 'unsuccessful'. If you need assistance, please contact us.