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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera: 5 Things to Know

by: srb photographic | august 2018
Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Camera: 5 Things to Know
It’s been almost a week since the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launched in New York. Although no hardware upgrades were expected, that didn’t stop Samsung announcing a few cool new features to the smartphone’s camera.

We’ve scanned every bit of information about the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 camera and have picked out it’s best features, both new and used in previous models. Here’s our Top 5 Things to Know…
1. Flaw Detection
Samsung’s new “Flaw Detection” feature can help you master your smartphone photography. If you snap a bad shot, the Note 9 will be the first to tell you about it by pointing out the flaws.
As shown in the images above, the new Flaw Detection AI will warn you when it detects blinks, blurs, smudges and bad backlighting.

“It’s like having an intelligent adviser in your pocket”, Samsung says.
2. The 'S Pen'
Announced with the Note 9 was the new Samsung S Pen, which now features Bluetooth Low-energy with a 10 metre range. This new feature means the S Pen can now double as a remote shutter for the Note 9’s camera, making selfies a breeze.
If selfies aren’t your thing, the S Pen can be a super-handy tool to remotely trigger the camera’s shutter when attached to a smartphone tripod. Thus eliminating any chance of camera shake.
3. Two Rear Lenses with OIS
Much of the camera’s hardware has been taken from the impressive Galaxy S9+, meaning both lenses on the rear camera come equipped with Optimal Image Stabilisation.
The two lenses, one telephoto and one wide-angle, are coupled to a 12MP sensor with a 2x optical zoom.

With rear camera hardware similar to the previous S9+ model, which scored a whopping 99 on DxOMark Mobile ratings, there’s no doubting the fantastic image quality the Note 9 will produce.
4. One Rear Lens with Duel Aperture
A popular feature also taken from the Galaxy S9+ model is the Duel-Aperture. Working only on the wide-angle lens, the duel aperture feature will choose between two f-stops (f/1.5 and f/2.4) to capture the very best image.
Samsung says the Note 9 “intelligently adapts to the surrounding light like the human eye”. The “f/1.5 mode brings in light to brighten up super low light shots. While [the] f/2.4 mode helps make sure your photos come out clear.”
5. The Price
This might not be an essential point about the camera capabilities of the Note 9, but it sure is something to wrap your head around before you consider purchasing one.
The base model, with storage of 128GB, begins at an eye-watering £899. And if you wanted more memory, then the 512GB version will set you back £1099. All models will be available in 3 different colours; Black, Purple and Blue.
Other Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Features
As well as an exciting camera, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a lot more impressive features to look out for. Including a 4000mAh battery, Wireless Charging, Dust and Water resistant protection, a massive 6.4″ HD+ Super AMOLED Display, a MicroSD slot for extra storage, and Iris, Fingerprint and Face Authentication.